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Virtual Team Activities

Bring remote employees together with our interactive, game-sharing experiences - all without leaving the comfort and safety of your home! With a range of activities to choose from including our popular Murder Mystery and Escape Room activities, we’ll facilitate team interaction through live video stream and our award-winning app.

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Outdoor & In-Person Team Activities

Our range of scavenger hunt challenges allows participants to safely take part in a team-building activity in the 'Great Outdoors.' Wherever you're based and whatever your group size - we've got something for you. We've worked hard to make sure they're social distance ready but still pack a punch when it comes to having fun!

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Hybrid Team Activities

Whether participants are at home, in the office or out and about in their local area, our hybrid activities allow participants to choose the type of tasks and challenges to complete based on personal preference and location. Our range of activities allow people to take part in person or virtually - everybody can get involved in the fun, no matter where they are!

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Interactive Content

Each of our activities includes a whole host of fun, interactive content for everybody to get involved with. Whether you're looking to unleash your inner detective, put your general knowledge to the test or travel the world and explore your favourite locations, there really is something for everybody! Our activities have been expertly designed to bring out the best in your team.

Purposeful Outcomes

Our team activities can help solve a range of challenges, whether that’s bringing global teams together, helping employees build trust, highlighting the importance of collaboration or easing departmental friction. By utilising the flexibility of our platform, not only will you and your team have plenty of fun, you’ll gain insight and information about your teams that is measurable, purposeful and can be used for future development.

Support As You Need It

Our varied range of support options are here to make your life easier and to fit within your budget. Regardless of whether you’re a small group looking to run your own event or a larger group looking for a dedicated project manager, we’ve got you covered.

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